Whole of Government Policies provide cover to all South Australian Government Agencies and Statutory Authorities as opposed to being exclusive to a single insured entity.  Whole of Government Policies increase SAicorp’s purchasing capacity in the commercial market, which affords Government Agencies and Statutory Authorities very broad coverage, policy benefits and premiums savings that would not otherwise be available if the cover was purchased on an individual basis.

Whole of Government Policies are placed in the commercial insurance market on an annual basis and available to all Government  Agencies and Statutory Authorities where required. These policies are:

  • Government Corporate Travel Insurance
  • Government Motor Vehicle Fleet Insurance
  • Employee Transit/Removalist Insurance
  • Principal Agreed Contract Works Insurance (Material Damage and Public & Products Liability)
  • Fine Arts Temporary and Permanently Loaned Policies

Please note that cover for certain classes is not automatic.  Should a Government Agency or Statutory Authority wish to be protected by one of the policies listed above, they should contact SAicorp.  

Government Motor Vehicle Fleet Insurance

This policy is available to all Government Agencies and Statutory Authorities who do not wish to include motor vehicles under the Agency Agreement. Vehicles declared under the Agency Agreement are subject to the deductible applied to the Agency Agreement.  As some Agency deductibles are $100,000 or higher, this may not be a practical option.  Where that is the case, SAicorp can offer inclusion in the Government Motor Vehicle Fleet Policy, where the deductible is much lower.

The Government Motor Vehicle Fleet Policy provides declared vehicles with comprehensive cover in the event of an accident.  The basis of settlement is on Market Value and the policy maintains a $500 deductible (also referred to as an excess).

Please refer to SAicorp Underwriting team for further advice.

Note: Vehicles that are leased from FleetSA are subject to FleetSA Insurance arrangements and should not be declared under the Agency Agreement or the Government Motor Vehicle Fleet Policy.  In the event of an accident, contact should be made with FleetSA direct in accordance with the instruction documentation provided with FleetSA vehicles.

For further advice, please refer to FleetSA contact or Use of Fleet SA vehicles.

Employee Transit/Removalist Insurance

This policy is sometimes described as Employee Marine Transit or Employee Household Removalist Cover.  The policy protects household items of government employee’s in the event the employee is relocating for work.

The cover responds in the event of loss or damage whilst your household goods are being loaded and unloaded onto a removalist truck and whilst in Transit for any loss or damage. The policy has a limit of $150,000 per Transit and a nil deductible/excess in the event of a claim.

Making a Claim?

Complete the Household Removals Claim Form

Please refer to SAicorp Underwriting team for advice if your household Transit exceeds $150,000 or if you require transit cover.

Principal Arranged Contract Works Insurance

For South Australian Government Agencies engaging in major civil works, SAicorp facilitates the placement of a Principal Arranged Contract Works insurance program in the commercial market each year.  Principal Arranged means that the insurance cover is arranged and taken out by the Principal to the contracted works, rather than relying on the contractor to arrange their own insurance cover.  The Principal is a Government Agency on whose behalf the contracted work is being performed.  All parties to the contract are then covered under the one Principal Contract Works Policy (Material Damage and Primary Liability).

The program, which is arranged by SAicorp’s insurance broker, provides cover for Material Damage, being physical loss, destruction or damage occurring to the contract works during the construction period and the maintenance/defects periods, as well as Public and Products Liability, being bodily injury or property damage caused to third parties sustained as a result of the contracted works and occurring during the construction period, defects liability period or even post completion.  The program enables broad coverage and premium savings for Government Agencies and provides the ability to effectively manage and control losses and damage during and after the construction phase.

In addition to the Principal Arranged Contract Works insurance program, SAicorp can arrange project specific cover for major civil construction works in the commercial market as required.  Such cover should be considered when your agency enters into Contracts that involve construction of new buildings/plant, building refurbishment, dismantling and installing plant, office fit out and maintenance when various third parties and/or contractors are engaged by your agency to undertake the work.

Please refer to SAicorp Underwriting team should you require further information.

Commercial Insurance Placements

For risks that fall outside of the Agency Agreement and that are not covered under a Whole of Government policy, SAicorp can arrange the placement of insurance in the commercial market.   The types of risks SAicorp currently arranges special insurance for generally fall into the following criteria:

  • Where a contract and/or agreement entered into with non-government parties requires your agency to cover the asset/risk in accordance with the insurance clauses contained within the contract/agreement.
  • The asset/risk may not be a pure risk to the Government (also referred to as a risk of the Crown) and include various Non-Government parties (also referred to as Third Parties).
  • The Agency Agreement may not be suitable due to the associated risk exposure and/or the agencies deductible (also referred to as an excess).

Please refer to SAicorp Underwriting team should you require further information.

Fine Arts Policies - Temporary and Permanently Loaned Policies

Various Government Agencies, such as the Art Gallery, are required to insure artwork that is on loan from other galleries and private lenders.  SAicorp has a Fine Arts Policy that covers such artwork both for short term and long term loan commitments.

The Fine Arts Temporary Loaned Policy covers artwork whilst on display, known as Static cover. The insurance provides protection to the artwork for the entire loan period and covers loss or damage subject to the policy conditions. Transit cover is also included under this policy and covers the artwork while it is being transported.

The Fine Arts Permanently Loaned Policy provides protection on the same basis as the Fine Arts Temporary Loaned Policy. The main difference is that the cover is designed for long-term loans exceeding 12 months.

Please refer to SAicorp Underwriting team should you require cover for artwork on loan from third parties and/or private lenders.